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The Big Weave
The Big Weave
the big weave
The BIg Weave
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The Big Weave is a successful community tapestry weaving project with the primary aims of enabling creativity and building communities around making. It brings people together to create vibrant community tapestries. It does so by providing participants with the opportunity to engage with the traditional skills of weaving in a nonthreatening and inviting way.

The project is centred around a large community loom. Everyone who wishes is
welcomed and enabled to participate in the activity, to take their turn to weave into the piece. We have pared back the technique so that the activity is accessible to all. It is a straightforward offer to take part in creating a work of art, the authority of the piece is shared so everyone feels a sense of ownership in the finished work. The completed tapestry is always displayed in a prominent location, accessible and visible to the communities who created it.

The Big Weave team of artists have successfully delivered community tapestry
projects since 2009, creating tapestries which are valued and viewed with pride by all those who took part in their making.